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Corvus v17.0 - Vanguard update is up !!!

By Sahil Khatkar @SahilKhatkar11
    2021-10-27 06:21:25.224Z
    Corvus v17.0 - Vanguard Changelogs ! 


    • SYSTEM

    • Updated security patch to Android-11.0.0_r48
    • Rebased AV for devices with Audio/Video issues and extensive support
    • Rebased ART and Bionic for improved optimisation and benchmark performance
    • Added Full native ZygoteJustInTime Support (Perf)
    • Added extensive F2FS support
    • Updated Iorap and LMKD
    • Enabled Global ThinLTO (Perf)
    • Updated SQLite
    • Updated arm-optimized-routines
    • Switched to improved Jemalloc memory allocation
    • Disabled Setup Wizard by default (Caused Non stop FC for some users)
    • And many more tweaks and optimisation


    • Added ability to adjust app drawer opacity
    • Added ability to adjust app icon size
    • Added ability to set bottom Google SearchBar
    • Added ability to toggle Homescreen app dock background
    • Removed homescreen app dock bottom space
    • Redesigned Recent view action buttons


    • Nuked Reticker (Caused SystemUI restart)
    • Added A12 style and Custom brightness slider style along with the default style
    • Added Color Coded battery level indication (Does not work with Portrait style)
    • Added QS Tile to trigger Corvus ZenMode
    • Fixed Long Press QS tile force close for CPU Info and FPS Info tile
    • Added intent to start Doze Settings on AOD Tile long click
    • Added ability to record longer videos (Screen Recorder)
    • Added Blinking Dot overlay to stop recording
    • Added ability to randomly choose System Accent color from Raven Themes
    • Added Ability to control QS Panel and Notification transparency
    • Made Improvements to the QS Panel Media player


    • Re-Implemented Settings list bounce animation
    • Added New Gaming Mode in RavenLair->Miscellaneous->Gaming Mode
    • Removed overly used Lottie animations settings wide
    • Mini re-design of RavenLair
    • Nuked Full screen cutout (wasn't working)
    • Implemented Notch Killer overlay in Display Settings to extend apps beyond the notch
    • Added ability to toggle off Keyboard bottom space from Settings->System->Gestures->System navigation->IME button space
    • Added toggle for high touch sensitivity in Display settings
    • Added seekbar for Notification and QS Panel Transparency


    • Made UI improvements to Gaming Mode QS Tiles style
    • Added Ability to see RAM usage within the Gaming mode overlay
    • Redesigned Date and clock style and battery level in Gaming mode overlay
    • Slight changes to the Performance Seekbar

    New Devices:
    Tissot (Mi A1)
    Miatoll (Redmi Note 9 Pro/9s/Max/PocoM2Pro)

    Dropped Devices:
    Apollo (Mi 10T)
    Gram (Poco M2 Pro)
    RMX2001 (Realme 6/6i/6s)

    *There's been a huge delay in bringing you guys with the update, While we are busy with our lives at the moment, we are still thriving to keep this going and anyone who chose to remain Patient has our highest gratitude. You've already seen the teasers in the Updates channel, So here is the detailed changelog

    NOTE: This may or may not be the last update for A11, If we find that A12 is still isn't stable enough then we might as well keep polishing A11 as long as its required!

    Due to Technical issues, Unfortunately we are having to move the all new RavenDesk to Android 12 and the present A11 Raven Desk is Currently deprecated!*

    Happy Flashing !

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