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Corvus OS S-2.1 - Revolt | Changelogs

By Sahil Khatkar @SahilKhatkar11
    2022-04-07 18:17:40.481Z


    • Android release tag - Android-12.1.0_r4 (April 2022)

    Raven Launcher

    • Imported LawnIcons icons for launcher themed icons
    • Added toggle for homscreen rotation
    • Added kill app option
    • Added Google lens trigger from recents
    • Added toggle for bottom search bar theme
    • Added DT2S
    • Left swipe to smartspace widget available


    • Enabled and Added Monet customisation (Kdragon impl)
    • Added toggle for spoofing unlimited Google photos and unlock higher game graphic settings
    • Added toggle for battery estimates
    • Ability to set different icon shapes
    • Custom system fonts implementation
    • Added ability to change system icon packs
    • Added pocket lock in display settings
    • Added toggle for Overriding dark mode (BETA, works only for certain apps)
    • Added ability to reset battery stats
    • Added ability to set gesture bar length
    • Added 3 button navbar layout inversion
    • Wake on plug and other basic system element toggles


    • Redesigned Settings dashboard (Check screenshots)
    • Enabled lock icon background by default
    • Designed a new way to show corvus version
    • Enabled smartspace weather provider in lockscreen
    • Added DT2S in statusbar
    • Added ability to change screen temperature/Color (Kdragon impl)
    • Added QS Tile to trigger RavenDoze mode
    • System level perfomance and smoothness improvements


    • Added new bootanimation
    • OTA updates will be enabled for our official devices one by one through tests. May not be available in the initial release.
    • We have introduced community specific wallpaper app for user contribution, can be checked by visiting our official github source page.

    Happy Flashing !

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